Wednesday, February 4, 2009


I just have to share some of the adventures that I have already gone through with my (and Tee's) new Yorkshire Terrier (yorkie), Lady Sadie. We got her Friday January 30, 2009. This is going to be a little bit longer than the rest of the posts because I am going to try and play catch up from the last few days!

Picking Her Out

We had picked her out two weeks earlier after we had contacted Johnny Fields with Klee Kennels. I was really hoping to get a puppy in which both parents were black and tan, and that is exactly what he had!We picked out Sadie based on the fact that she was the quietest one ( I have a history of doing this with, Penny, my Golden Retriever, and a hamster- hamster died the next day). Sadie was also the only one with a little white on one of her feet, which for some reason I really liked.

So now we have had her since Friday, and I have a hard time parting myself with her. On Sunday we decided to go to the grocery store for Super Bowl goodies, and Tee practically had to drag me out of the house. The whole time at the grocery store I was in a complete panic that I had made her cage too small...when we got home she was sound asleep.


The few weeks before we got Sadie, we were told many stories about the struggles of housetraining. One lady told me that she had four yorkies and said that her record of house training them was 8 months. Yikes. The first Saturday with Sadie, she only had two accidents on the carpet and the rest of the time she was going on the newspaper! Well that was the only day that happened. Until TODAY! She went outside 4 times! It was a real breakthrough and I am ecstatic! The picture of the poopy is her first one with us:-) Gross I know, but I had to.

First Bath

Sadie got her first bath today in my bathroom sink. She was not rally pleased with me. Then I tried to blow dry her. Really didn't happen. I wrapped her up in a nice warm towel where she continued to shiver for the next two hours:-( But she was had the cutest curls on her rear after she dried! I also in Idiot's Guide for Yorkies that you are suppose to wash yorkies once a week to prevent matts- compared to once ever 1-3 months for goldens, that is a lot! Thank goodness for my Petsmart bathing skills....

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