Saturday, February 21, 2009

First Trip to the Vet

At 10 weeks we took Lady Sadie to the vet today. She received two booster shots in the shoulders, one up the nose (for some sort of dog cough), and a dewormer. The vet said she is super healthy: right weight(3lbs), good heart beat, good temperature (100 degrees for doggies!), and she couldn't really get resperatory evaluation because she wouldn't stop sniffing:-) The only problem was she had ear mites,which only took a little cleaning and a one time dose of earmite meds, which Tee and I looked at under a microscope- totally cool- however glad Sadie is gonna be ear mite free! Right now Sadie is a lot a bit sore and has been a little bit lethargic, but no allergic reactions. Wewill have to take her back for some more boosters in 3 weeks...well back to my baby!

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