Sunday, October 6, 2013

Expressive Square Self-Portraits - 3rd grade

This was a new project that I found in a school arts magazine. The kid were to use a pattern out of squares and or triangles to make a self-portrait. Everyone has looooved the results! Some could have turned out better, but my son got sick right in the middle of this project so I had to take a few days off and not all substitutes have an art background, but overall I love the results! We just started off with a bunch of brightly colored one inch squares and practiced with pattern and making gongs out of the squares and triangles ( houses, snakes, cars, etc) then we planned out our portraits and glued them down when we were happy with results. Outlined in black paint then cut out around paint. It was hard to get the third graders to understand that the need to leave some construction paper around the black paint. Some got it some didn't. Then glued down onto another, cut it out and so on and so forth. This project took about 4-5 40 minute classes before we finished. 

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