Friday, March 29, 2013

Bryce is 7 months!

Well actually he is now 7 and a half, but I just haven't had time to post. I think we accidentally skipped the 6 month post, though I did take the pics:-( oops! Here is the cutie now:-)

As you can see he is GROWING! Last we checked he was 18.6 lbs and 28 inches. The first pictures is of one his favorite games, where you say "so big" every time he puts his hands above his head or when you say so big he will put his hands up. He sits great and has taken a few steps crawling. He is a quick  little thing and is already getting into everything. This past week he started to clap and it is one of my favorite things!! He is a doll:-) My hubby has loved this stage and has woken up often to Bryce poking him in the face. He is starting to sleep a little longer in the beginning of the nights, which has been nice. but still wakes up every 1-4 hours. This little guy is so awesome and I love spending all the time I can with him!!

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