Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Bryce at 2 Months!

Can't believe my baby is already 2 months! 
Right before he rolled out of the basket (onto the couch) and about gave mommy a heart attack.

Beautiful Smile

Wondering what in the world my camera is.

Getting some chunky rolls in his legs!


His little cry face.


the most perfect face

sadie getting in on the action..she is clearly bored.

sleepy boy
getting mad at how many pictures I am taking of him.

play face!

mommy and bryce

big smiles!

lion comparison pic

I can't get enough of his smiles:-D

 This month Bryce has started major coos and babbles along with the most beautiful smile! He loves to talk to someone who will listen and coo back. He also smiles at peek-a-boo and tickles. He likes to look at his teddy bear mobile in his pack and play. He still sleeps in bed with mom and dad:-) He hates tummy time still, but does last longer. He loves baths more than ever. He likes to suck on the back of his hand to tell me he is hungry. Bryce is also getting a lot more use to daddy. I think his favorite song is I'm a little tea pot. He rode all the way to Nonna and Grandpops house and back without a single cry. He is our world:-)

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  1. He is awesome! I see a lot of Tee in his facial expressions but you need to post your baby pics so we can see the traits of you both. He is adorable. Oh my...that first kid and all of the firsts are SOOOOO much fun. I love seeing your artistic photos and what love and fun you are having with him. It won't be easy going back to school! <3 Keep the blogs rolling!! BWGuynn


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