Sunday, February 5, 2012

Baby Update

11 weeks-thhe head is to the left, the picture is not as fab as seeing the heart beat (160bpm!)

Pregnancy Highlights

How far along? 11 weeks and 3 days

Size of the baby?  lime, although on my phone it says a fig and next week will be a lime. So who knows???

Maternity Clothes? yup, and I am having to wear more maternity shirts, which make my bump look smaller at this point. So I try and squeeze into a few of my bigger regular shirts. 

Gender?  unknown as of right now, but we can't wait to find out! My bet is on a boy.

Movement?  I SWEAR I have felt the beginnings of butterflies. It feels like a small light touch of a finger. But most web sites say you usually can't feel anything until week 12. So I am not sure yet.

Sleep?  I am so tired all of the time. I had been going to bed between 8 ad 9:30 but now that I am on bed rest I sleep whenever I feel like it. Which is a lot. And I don't sleep through the nights like I used to. I have started having weird dreams. Especially about being a pirate.
But I have to share the weirdest dream my youngest brother had. He had a dream that the baby fit into his hand and he took it to a restaurant so proud of the baby and was showing it off as he walked to his table. When he sat down he just set the baby on the table next to him and would coo and smile at it all through dinner. And it ate off his plate. I quote him now, "It was a cute lil' thing." How funny is that? 

Cravings?  Purple powerade, ice cream sandwiches, a night of eating pickles. What I didn't realize when I was pregnant how many foods would make my stomach turn. Sometimes the thought of a food will make me gag.

Symptoms?  Headaches have been getting bad. Almost one everyday. I am staying hydrated, but after I take two Tylenol it goes away. My stomach doesn't seem to feel as sick as before- which I am very grateful for.

Best Moment of the Week?  After a big scare, trip to the ER, hours of waiting to see a doctor, seeing the heartbeat on the ultra sound (pic above) was the best moment of my life. And I believe for my husband too. He was really expecting the worst after looking up stuff on his iphone.   

High Risk factor: As I mentioned before I had two issues of high risk. Well, this week I think that quadrupled somehow. On Thursday, I was picking Sadie up from my MIL when I felt something wrong down there. No cramps, just wet. So I excused my self to the bathroom and sure enough it was not pretty. I told my MIL, and we headed to the ER. After a frustrating time in the waiting room, then waiting in the ER I finally saw a doctor 2 hours later. ( We are switching hospitals/doctors after this experience). They did a physical exam and found a huge blood clot, but couldn't confirm a miscarriage so they sent me to the ultra sound tech. This is where we got to see the baby's heartbeat a second time. Ends up, I have a hemorrhage somewhere behind the baby. Of course at the time I didn't ask any of the million questions that are running through my head now because I was so relieved the baby was still alive. But I have a few appointments with some new doctors and hopefully we will get some questions answered. For now I am on bed rest for at least a week. 
For anyone newly pregnant or trying,  my huge recommendation for you would be to make sure you can get a hold of your actual doctor before you have an actual emergency after hours Ask them if it is okay to contact them after hours in case of an emergency and how to do so. I was told by my doctor I could call anytime and they would take care of me. Well, all of this happened and I called the doctor's office at 5:01pm (they close at 5) and the phone rang for a whole 2 minutes before my phone decided to hang up. No voice message telling me what I should do in case of an emergency, the ER would not page the doctor that was on call from my office. Furthermore, on Friday I called to see if they wanted to see me and they said no, just keep my original appointment I had monday, no would you like to talk to a doctor? Well, I decided I was going to get some second opinions and called back at 12:00pm and it went to an automatic recording that said "due to inclement weather the offices are closed, please call again at a later date to reschedule your appointment" I look outside and it is 60 degree weather. Yup, I am transferring. 

I will be sure to update you on the baby and me, and maybe I'll even have time on this bed rest to check out some cool nursery photos and share!! Also my MIL brought me some crocheting so I can try my hand at that!

Side note- The family and friends that have stopped by, given me a phone call or friendly facebook message has been unreal. I have never felt so cared for, and on top of that my mom has come down and seriously cleaned my house top to bottom so I don't have to worry about a thing. She even washed my carpets with a rug doctor. Also, my dear husband who I have never seen so upset as that night in the ER, has been more helpful than ever. And I know he is just as exhausted as I am from being so worried about the baby. I am one very blessed girl! 


  1. I'm sorry to hear you had a bit of a rough week. Glad to know things were okay after all. I'm not pregnant nor have I been but I really enjoy reading about your experience. My husband and I will be trying shortly I think so it's exciting to read about someone elses journey :)

  2. Stay strong and healthy, Amy! We are so excited and happy for you guys...let us know if you need ANYTHING!


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