Thursday, May 5, 2011

Big Scare

Last Thursday, Sadie got some vaccines (rabies, and I think DHPP). Well she had a terrible reaction. Two hours after she was shaking, stiff, and scared. We gave her half of a baby aspirin as directed by our vet, and headed to bed. Sadie has slept with us pretty much everynight since we brought her home, with a few vacation exceptions. Well, she did not that night, and when I woke up and saw she wasn't on the beath I was preparing myself to find her under our bed, not breathing. Fortunatley, she wasn't there...or dead. But she did walk in very slowly, still shaking from our living room. She had eaten her midnight snack, so I took her outside and her normal Sadie adventure walk in the morning, was slow and sad to watch. I brought her back in, and hoped she would perk up a little. She didn't touch her breakfast. No poop. T's dad came home to let the dogs out for lunch, and Sadie wouldn't leave her crate. Still stiff. Still shaking. The bad news is we had to go out of town ( we planned on taking her with us). Good news is, our amazing vet, lives next door to us. So I begged T to go knock on his door and ask him what we should do, benadryl? He ended up giving Sadie a steroid- mixed shot. Fortunatley that seemed to save her. While she was still not herself until a few days later, she is better! But I was scared for a little girl. She's a fighter:-)


  1. poor sadie!! buster gets really sick when he gets vaccines too- i have the vet give him an injection of diphenhydramine (like benadryl!) before they start on the vxs. he gets a little sleepy for the rest of the day but def does 100% better!

  2. Awww poor Sadie baby! Sorry that y'all had that scare. Vaccines always make me a little nervous b/c I think they usually get a dose that a larger dog would get too. I'm glad she's doing better. Lola Bear sends her sniffs and kisses!


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