Saturday, May 22, 2010

ANIMAL Obsessed

Since Sadie and I have been apart, my animal obsession  has become worse. I stalk, dogs in cars driving by, the llama my prinicple kissed as a fundraiser at my school, my friend's blog who also has a yorkie, Lola, and pictures I make Tee send me of Sadie.  RIDICULOUS.
but I really can't help myself, I miss my little girl:-)
this is Sadie's preferred relaxed position, I have never been able to snap a pic of her doing it, but the Hubs did!
There is something about sleeping animals that makes my heart melt.
This is the sweetest llama, it was snuggling up to my principle, and let all of the kids touch her!

I think that if I didn't have bills and need to eat, I would probably give all of my money to the SPCA.

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  1. Lola and I see nothing wrong with this obsession. :)


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