Monday, April 26, 2010

A little me...

Stole this idea from blog Lovely Life of Lauren
E, Myself, and I recently created a list of 30 things that she wanted to do before she turned 30, and I've decided to join in! Here's how it works:

• Pick a milestone that works for you.( 4 years)(OMG)

• Make a list of things to accomplish between now and then. They can be big or small things... To me, this is just one step closer to living life a little fuller!!

• Post the "30 Before 30" button on your page to let everyone know you're playing along.

• And then, link-up here with your very own "To Do" list.

I've decided to do the following
  1. Start my own painting studio
  2. Set up an art camp in the summer for students
  3. Take a jewelry making class
  4. Take a long vacation to Italy with my husband
  5. Buy a Home
  6. Grow my hair extremely long. No, longer than that.
  7. Grow a garden with tomatoes and lots of basil
  8. Get a sense of Fashion
  9. Start a book on art projects
  10. Do another triathlon ( maybe in open water...ahhhhh)
  11. Pay off all debts (except student loans)
  12. Get into a healthy lifestyle (eating right, working out regularly)
  13. Become a cupon clipper
  14. Learn how to cook harder meals
  15. Be able to wear high heels longer than 2+ hours
  16. Be part of a book club or start one
  17. Find a good church in my new home town
  18. go on a girls trip somewhere tropical
  19. Get a good therapist
  20. Get a story out of my nana and grandma that I have never heard before
  21. Get an art teaching job in High School
  22. Celebrate every wedding anniversary in a really special way
  23. Coach a soccer team
  24. Sew something really quick
  25. get a good sewing machine (might need to do this before #24)
  26. Teach Sadie how to "come" on command, everytime
  27. Watch less TV
  28. Relearn to play guitar and piano
  29. Learn how to sing (mother in law has agreed to the challenge:-))
  30. Take a deep breath, i can't believe I am going to say this but before I am 30 I want to...Have a BABY!


  1. i loved reading this!

    i totally need to become a coupon clipper too. (and i secretly want to buy a sewing machine everytime singer is on the home shopping network...)

    oh and- baby! AH! i already want to buy tiny clothes for him/her.

  2. Ahhh! I love that you put that you want to make each wedding anniversary special. :) And a baby!! I was going to put that on my list too, but I'm not even married yet, heehee.


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