Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Thanksgiving From Cellular

Sadie flew back to Virginia with Tee and I for our first Thanksgiving together. She is an excellent traveler- never whines. On the flight back I just took her out of her bag, wrapped her up like a baby in a blanket and no one ever noticed. She can't wait for Christmas! Here are a few pics from my phone- more to come from my real camera!

Sadie helping/distracting Tee from homework. She loves getting her chin scratched
Max and Sadie tuckered out- the picture with them facing me is all blurry:-( But Sadie and Max got along muuuuch better. Meaning she didn't cry out every time he tackled her. In fact, Sadie started to dominate Max several times over the break. She stole his bone, his food, pushed him off the couch and growled at him if he came near any of my or her stuff (such as her portable crate- which she actually hates). Even through all of that Max loves her and she really loves him- she is just playing hard to get.

Waiting to get on the plane! We got there 2 hours early because I am OCD about being early, the flight back however, was barely made ( no further comment). This is before we shoved 3 ML of Benadryl down Sadie's throat- half of which was spit back out on Tee's jacket.

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