Friday, November 13, 2009

Who's that dog?

na na nanana. So I was looking at my blog, and sadie was sitting on my shoulder (yes, I wonder if she is a parrot sometimes) and was staring down my new gadget the "Daily Dog." You would have thought I was cheating on her, she had this expression of "hey i thought this blog was about me!" in her eyes. she's too cute. I could never cheat on her. Just look how cute she is looking out the window at a squirrel!

oh and in other news about Sadie- her Nana comes tomorrow,and she doesn't know it yet, but she can't wait! My mom is coming up from Dallas to spend a few days with me in Okie city, and I think my mom may be more excited about seeing Sadie than me. She has mentioned at least 5 times that she would be happy to walk Sadie or dog sit if I needed to run any errands while she was here. Sadie just loves her nana.

One more thing... I have the lovely flu that is going around. And if you haven't hear there has been a recent case of H1N1 found in a cat! Fortunatley, no cases reported in dogs yet, but needless to say I am hoping Sadie doesn't catch it from me! Sick dogs are just sooo sad!

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  1. im sorry to hear that you have h1n1! thats no fun. and i am scared to hear cats can catch it too, because the cat at my apartment, franklin, has been sneezing all day! and ps. i was listening to npr (as usual) and there is a program called "this american life" and they had the funniest story about a guy who tried to promo a cable channel all about dogs. the link is below! hope you feel better soon! xoxo clairebear


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