Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Unfair Play

I am a bad mom...Today I was in an intense game of fetch with Sadie and her "snakey" when I accidently SMACKED the crap out of her jaw when trying to throw it. At first she was shocked and ducked her head ( of course I am apologizing profusely) and then she actualy let out a small growl...not really at me but I think more at the fact that she got hurt.

Not only that...I decided to move on to something softer-my scarf. Well, I had it wrapped up in my hands and just as I was attacking her with it she leaped forward and WACK...right in the face.

After that Sadie wanted nothing to do with me.

* Sadie is now cuddled up to me- thank goodness for short doggy memories!

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