Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tag! Six things!

Okay...so I am a little slow and lazy about blogging, but I think this is a cute idea!
Brittany of (B)log. tagged me. I probably don't know enough blogs to tag anyone else, so if you want to do this. Dooooo it. 6 unimportant things that make you happy. Since my blog is about Lady Sadie and me, I will try my best to incorporate it into the theme. Here goes it.

1. taking sadie to get the mail. first off- she looooves going outside. so a short trip to the mail box is perfect, she gets a break from her boring day- I get to see how many people have rsvp'd for the wedding. All together a great trip for the both of us.

2. watching sadie bite the wind when I am driving. not safe, but very comical.

3. watching sadie drive my car. well not drive but it sure looks like it. she likes to look out all angles of the car and the windsheild is her fav. She props her front paws up on the steering wheel and truly looks like she knows where she is taking us.

4. when Sadie poops outside. it has been a challenge to potty train her, so when ever it does happen- i am ectsatic, and all my neighbors think i am crazy for going on and on with praise over her little poopy.

5. when she leaps back into bead with me after i let her out in the morning. now that i am living with the parents for the summer, she wakes up super early. so i crack my door open so my parents can take her. eventually she gets bored with them and she comes racing up the stairs and rushes into my cracked door and leaps onto my bed and licks my face until she falls asleep on my head. i just love it.

6. sadie's growl when she is excited. she never barks, but when i get her playing or chasing me she has this little puppy growl that is hysterical, and a little bit scary. but it is really funny to hear.

okay so i could probably go on about with tons of unimportant things that sadie does to make me happy, but i am not. we've got a trip outside to hopefully a successful tossy(my mom's word for her little turds).

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